Channel Services are based on its vision, mission and values, and its strong belief in the right of Arabs to be able to reach managerial and leadership knowledge and skills from their origins (English managerial & leadership literature). Our aim is to help our Arab viewers and fans to prosper and achieve their goals by acquiring necessary managerial and leadership competencies and skills via making channel’s services attractive, focused & practical.

Channel Services in English – Purpose:

Despite that the channel started as purely Arabic, we included the English section after one year of the channel’s establishment to enhance our Arabic content and extend the range of our services and customers. Following the Arabic & English content helps Arab viewers to get familiar with the topics/terms in English. Besides, it does encourage our Arab viewers to learn and study English, the global language of management & leadership. The English videos started as summarized versions of the Arabic videos during the first few months of establishment. However, the English videos and services have developed to become totally independent from the Arabic ones, despite that the Arabic and English videos discuss the same/similar topics. Besides, since starting the 3rd book (1st Year) in the Channel (Organizational Theory, Design & Change 2013), our weekly schedule changed from publishing both Arabic & summarized English videos/posts per week, to publishing one Arabic video/post in a week, followed by the English video/post next week. The purpose is to enhance and develop our English services to suit both Arab viewers as well as all other viewers globally, both native and non-native English speakers. All our English videos are provided with full & accurate English subtitles, which can be activated by clicking on the CC (Closed Captions) button on the bottom right hand corner of each video. 

With reference to our videos of our channel’s services, the English ones are provided either as separated independent videos from the Arabic ones (which is the norm), or as English subtitles fixed to the Arabic ones, such as the promotional video of the channel. Below is a list of the services:  


1. The most updated and authentic English management and leadership references & books – First & Primary Channel’s Services:  

The content is presented in Arabic & English, using our unique approach of (Simplicity, Attractiveness & Practicality). In our first year, we finished four books, in the rate of one book each four months. However, in our 2nd year, we target finishing three books in a rate of one book each four months. All the videos in this service are provided with attached presentations (PDF) that include details, graphs, pictures etc. to enhance each topic. They can be downloaded from the description section below each video. The topics that the channel presents include Management, Leadership, Organizational Theory, Organizational culture & structure, Change Management, Strategic Management, Marketing, Financial Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Management Information Systems, Business Ethics and Business Research Methods.


In its first year, the channel aims to provide 4 different books (titles). A brief introduction and overview for each of the four books is provided in two videos, Arabic and English. The English videos that introduce the books are published within a dedicated playlist in YouTube called:  About the Channel & its First Annual Schedule.   After introducing all the fours books, each of them was explained in 3 months within an independent playlist in YouTube titled with the book’s name. In its second year, we started introducing the books with the 1st one (Principles of Marketing 2018). A dedicated playlist at YouTube was established to include the introductory videos. After introducing each book, we will explain each of them at a dedicated YouTube playlist, as well as website category.

 Please click on the below links to access our sessions (videos/posts) that introduce each of the books in both 1st & 2nd years, as well as the detailed categories/collections of posts/sessions for each of them. Don’t forget to download the attached presentation (in PDF) in the description section below all videos. 

Second Year: 

* Third Book: Fundamentals of Financial Management  (15 Edition – 2019) Brigham and Houston – Cengage, (U.S.A.)  

Fundamentals of Financial Management Book (2019), 15th Edition
Fundamentals of Financial Management Book (2019), 3rd/Last Book


Important Note: Based on the recent update and announcement on Thurs, Jan 21, 2021, the weekly production of videos each Thursday will be temporarily stopped from Thurs, Jan 28, 2021 to the 2nd annual anniversary of the channel (Aug 13, 2021). All the sessions of the 2nd Book in the 2nd Year Program (Human Resource Management 2020) will follow the new schedule. Besides, the 3rd book in the 2nd Year Program (Financial Management 2019) will be delayed to become the 1st book in the 3rd Year Program. 


First Year: 

Book’s Parts & Chapters Discussion & Explanation “Sep, Oct, Nov 2019” 

Channel Services - Management 2015 Book, First Book in the Channel
Management 2015 Book

Book’s Parts & Chapters Discussion & Explanation “Dec 2019, Jan & Feb 2020”

Channel Services - Entrepreneurship Book (2012); 2nd Book in the Channel
Entrepreneurship Book (2012)

Third Book: Organizational Theory, Design & Change (2013)

Book’s Parts, Chapters’ Discussion & Explanation (Mar, Apr & May 2020)

Organizational Theory, Design and Change - the the 3rd Book in the Channel
Oraganizational Theory, Design & Change (2013)

Fourth Book: Organizations – Behavior, Structure, Processes 

Book’s Parts, Chapters’ Discussion & Explanation (Jun, Jul & Aug 2020)

Organizations; Behavior, Structure & Processes
Organizations – Behavior, Structure & Processes (2012)

2. Meetings with Managers & Leaders: 

The channel takes an extremely practical approach towards management & leadership. Thus, we provide interviews with great real leaders and managers in local, regional and international level so that fans can have an insight on what managers and leaders do in reality. Please click here for viewing these meetings & interviews. 

Meeting with Yemeni Female Entrepreneur, Manager & Leader
1st Lady Meeting with Ms. Hawazen, Founder & Manager of Hawazen Photography, Sana’a

3. Field Visits:

The channel makes field visits to engage the society with its managerial and leadership content by going to several venues and getting insights on peoples’ perceptions & opinions about management & leadership. Besides, we approach various organizations and companies, public and private, profit and not-for-profit to present the reality of organizational world, how the people run their organizations, the difficulties they face and how they deal with them.

Our First Field Visit - The Academic British Institute
Our 1st Field Visit (Academic British Institute, Sana’a), Asking About Entrepreneurship or Employment Preferences


4. Vlogs:

Despite that vlogs has a personal character, and it is associated usually with fun & entertainment, we produce here short, interesting, funny & beneficial videos that introduce management & leadership concepts, as per our strategy & values. Introducing management & leadership in vlogs prove the flexibility, importance & permeability of them in all our life aspects.  

Ramadan Mubarak is the 1st video in our Vlogs Service
Ramadan Mubarak – 1st Video in the Vlogs Service

Channel’s Services are presented and published every Thursday. Follow us in “Management with Merits” – (Manage to Prosper”. Click here for our contact details

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