Meetings with Managers & Leaders - The 1st Lady Appearing in the channel; a Yemeni Entrepreneur, Miss Hawazen Khaled, Founder of Hawazen Photography
1st Female Appearing in the channel – Miss Hawazen Khaled Kahtan

Meeting real managers and leaders help management learners, practitioners and enthusiasts to get clear insight on what managers & leaders do. The main focus & concern of all management learners, practitioners and enthusiasts is the reality & practicality of management & leadership. Thus, the channel contributes to this concept by making various interviews and meetings with different managers & leaders locally and internationally, by face-to-face or electronic means.

In addition, meeting real managers helps channel’s fans increase their practical managerial knowledge and enhances their managerial and leadership skills by viewing and following good real managerial practices. The meetings and interviews also explore the real job and life experiences of managers and leaders, which provide us with extremely realistic and practical view of management and leadership.

Meeting real managers and leaders is one of the channel’s important services, which translates the “Practicality” value of our channel. It exposes the fans to the reality of management and what actual managers & leaders do in their managerial and leadership jobs. We discuss their tasks, roles, duties, responsibilities, experiences, difficulties … The channel happily share these aspects with its fans & viewers to get the maximum benefit of it, and receive their input, comments and suggestions about the interviews, interviewees or the channel itself, as per our “Involvement” value. 


In our Youtube Channel, we have provided two separate playlists for these interviews, one in Arabic “for interviews in Arabic” and one in English “for English interviews, or Arabic ones with English subtitles”. The interviews mainly address crucial practical managerial and leadership issues with the interviewees. Sample questions include describing the nature of their role, their personal philosophy towards management & leaders, and their advice to viewers. Kindly click to access the English Playlist: Meetings with Managers & Leaders.  


The list below provides the meetings that the channel has made within this category. 


1, First Manager’s Meeting: Mr. Faisal Al-Dawly, Manager of the Academic British Institute, Sana’a, Yemen (Thurs, Sep 19, 2019) 

2. Second Manager’s Meeting: Dr. Omar Mulhi, Marketing & Sales Manager, Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Company, Sana’a

3. Third Manager/Leader Meeting: Miss Hawazen Khaled Kahtan, A Yemeni Entrepreneur – Founder, Owner & Manager of Hawazen Photography, Sana’a

4. Fourth Manager/Leader Meeting: Dr. Pharmacist Anhar Arramadah, A Yemeni Female Entrepreneur – Founder, Owner & Manager of Hanjamah Food for Healthy Food, Sana’a

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