1st Meeting with A Manager

1st Meeting with A Manager : Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli, Manager of the Academic British Institute (ABI), Sana’a, Yemen

Today, we have launched one of our new and unique services and content, which is: “Meetings with Managers & Leaders” with the 1st meeting with a manager . This type of content enhances the channel’s strategy in its focus on practicality in management and leadership. The core purpose of these meetings is to explore closely what managers do in reality and how they perform their tasks. Thus, our 1st meeting today was with one of our youth Yemeni managers: Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli, the manager of the Academic British Institute (ABI) in Sana’a, which is a dedicated educational center for teaching and training of languages, computer, management etc. To further explore this center, kindly visit their Facebook page by clicking here

1st Meeting with A Manager - Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli, Manager of the Academic British Institute, Sana'a, Yemen
Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli

Welcome to your channel Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. Our channel targets Arab people to equip them with the managerial and leadership competencies and skills to prosper and achieve their goals. To successfully launch and sustain our new content/service of meeting managers and leaders, we have made two dedicated playlists in the channel, one in Arabic and the other in English (either summary of the Arabic or the Arabic one with English subtitles) named “Meetings with Managers & Leaders”. This meeting was in Arabic and English, which was a summarized version of the Arabic interview.

1st Meeting with A Manager - 2 dedicated playlists in Youtube in Arabic & English for the service of: Meetings with Managers
2 YouTube Playlists for Meetings’ with Managers & Leaders

Our first meeting today with a manager (Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli) was amazing, beneficial and focused. He frankly talked to us about his managerial and leadership experiences, as well as the difficulties associated with his job and his techniques to overcome them. We would like to express our sincere thanks and appreciation to the Academic British Institute and its professional manager Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli for their contribution towards the success of the channel and their effort in spreading awareness among Arab people in managerial and leadership aspects.

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