Introduction to Management

Introduction to Management : Nature, History & Decision Making

Introduction to Management is the 1st part of our first book (Management – 2015) in your channel Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. We have highlighted and briefly discussed this book before in a previous video. This part discusses managers in the workplace (chapter 1), decision-making (chapter 2) and management history (special module). The video briefly views the important aspects in these areas. To download the PDF presentation associated with this video, please go to the link in the description section below the video in YouTube

Introduction to Management - the 1st part of Management 2015 book, the 1st book in our channel
Management 2015 Book

Introduction to Management : Managers in the Work Place

Three approaches were discussed regarding what managers do in the workplace, which are the functions approach, roles approach & skills approach. These three approaches came up as a result of the evolving development management throughout the history, which gives rise to the importance of management history in terms of its two-way effects on present management and future management. There were 4 obvious managerial approaches, namely the classical management, behavioral approach, statistical approach, and contemporary approach, especially the contingency theory in management. The most important aspect in this discussion is that there no one universal rule or one-best-approach in management.

Introduction to Management - Mintzberg 1973 model of managerial roles explains what managers do in the workplace
Managerial Roles – Mintzberg 1973
Source: Robbins, P. & Coulter, R. (2015). Management. (13h edn). U.S.A.: Pearson “Based on Mintzberg, H., The Nature of Managerial Work (New York: Prentice Hall, 1983).  

Introduction to Management : History

There are four main historical phases for management. They are shown in the below picture.

Introduction to Management : four main historical phases explained (classic scientific, human relations, management science & contemporary)
History of Management
Source: Robbins, P. & Coulter, R. (2015). Management. (13 edn). U.S.A.: Pearson

Decision Making

Decision-making is considered the heart of management because making decisions is the core of all managerial functions and duties. The book provides a model for rational decision-making that consists of 8 steps that can lead to effective and optimal decisions. Decision-making is a procedure that is affected by various scenarios, situation and variables, such as the decision type (structured, unstructured), urgency, use of intuition, personal skills & values of decision maker etc.

Rational Decision-Making Process
Source: Robbins, P. & Coulter, R. (2015). Management. (13 edn). U.S.A.: Pearson

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