Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior : 4th Book, 1st Year in the Channel

Organizational Behavior is multi-disciplinary and complex concept that targets what people do, and why they do that. As a result, Organizational Behavior focuses on studying and implementing the patterns, methods and procedures that make people’s behavior positive & influential, which leads to better work, relations, practices & effectiveness of the organization. This concept is the primary focus of the 4th and last book in the 1st year in your channel: Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. Book’s name is: Organizations: Behavior, Structure, Processes “14th Edition – 2012”. It is a great American book published by McGraw-Hill Irwin. This book is provided in our channel because its services rely on authentic international English management books, which are used by the channel to target Arab people to equip them with the managerial and leadership competencies and skills to prosper and achieve their goals.

The book is simply about people and how they work individually and together to reach their goals. The authors strongly believe that managing people effectively is the key towards prosperity and effectiveness in the individual, group, organization, society and nation’s levels.

Organizational Behavior : The focus of the book:  Organizations - Behavior, Structure, Processes.
Organizations: Behavior, Structure & Processes 2012

Organizational Behavior : A Unique Managerial Model

The model is provided by our book and links the main three elements of it (Behavior, Structure & Processes) with strong focus on behavior. The below shape exemplifies the model and how it links the books’ elements together and with the managerial functions and organizational effectiveness. More details can be found in the associated presentation in (PDF) with the video, which clarifies the main aspects of the book. You can get it by going to the video in YouTube and clicking the link below it in the description section.

Organizational Behavior : Managerial Model that is centered on Organizational Behavior, linking it to other key organization elements
Book’s Contents – Source: Part, Chapter 1 of the Book, with Few Modifications

Practical Application for Organizational Processes – International Yemeni Humanitarian Organizations :

The channel emphasizes the practicality of management. As a result, we have applied the concepts of this book, especially the organizational processes of communication & decision making. on international humanitarian organizations in Yemen. In brief, we showed the optimal and best practices for these processes explained in the book, and compared them to our organizations, with specific reference to recruitment and placement practices. We showed the big problems and misapplication of the standard and best practices by our organizations. For details about it, please refer to our special post and video about international humanitarian organizations in Yemen. This video was the start of a new playlist in our YouTube channel, in Arabic & English, named: Practical Aspects from the Content.

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