Organizational Theory Book 2013

Organizational Theory Book 2013 – Third Book in the Channel

Organizational Theory 2013 Book is the 3rd book of the 1st year in your channel: Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper as part of the managerial English books’ services. This book will be explained during the months of March, April & May 2020 after we finish the 2nd book (Entrepreneurship 2012) , which we introduced before in a previous video in the channel. The full name of the book, as per the picture below the video, is: “Organizational Theory, Design & Change, 7th Edition”. It is a great American book written by Gareth Jones and published in 2013 by Pearson, U.S.A. To download the associated presentation (PDF) with this video, please go to YouTube and click the link below the video in the description section.

Organizational Theory Book 2013 - It also discusses organizational design and change.
Organizational Theory, Design & Change Book (2013)

The book relates to the previous book (Entrepreneurship 2012) in two ways:

1. Entrepreneurs are the ones who start new organizations that greatly serve the societies.

2. Starting a new business doesn’t guarantee prosperity and sustainability. What ensures the company’s sustained success is the understanding and practicing of the principles of organizational theory (how organizations work), design (organizational structure & culture) and change (how to manipulate the design to align and realign with the environment and changes in customers’ needs and wants).

Book’s Contents of Theory, Design & Change:

The book starts by explaining the theory of organizations, showing that any organization is an intangible entity that the people has agreed upon its meaning, identity and objectives. Any organization is a combination of people, structure and common goals. The book then states that organizations can’t exist or operate effectively without a design that shape the organization, its operations, and workforce. The book shows that organizational design has two elements or pivots, which are structure & culture. Then comes the organizational change, which is the procedures and methods taken by the organization to shape its design in order to keep itself aligned with its environment and maintain its sustainable competitive advantage. The below model from the book shows the book’s outline, its elements and the inter-relations between them.

Organizational Theory Book 2013 - Books' Contents of Theory, Design & Change and their interconnection
Books’ Main Topics of Organizational Theory, Design & Change
Source: Jones, G. R. (2013). Organizational Theory, Design & Change. (7th edn). U.S.A: Pearson

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