Yemeni Pharmaceutical Management

Yemeni Pharmaceutical Management – Concerns & Challenges:

Yemeni Pharmaceutical Management is distinguished with its own properties and characteristics. Management is a wide concept that has various interpretations and practices. Consequently, management in Yemen has its own properties and characteristics. When it comes to a crucial and sensitive industry, such as pharmaceutical sector, management becomes more intense and challenging.

The above points were discussed with our honored guest, Dr. Omar Mulhi, Marketing & Sales Manager at Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries in Sana’a, Yemen. This exclusive meeting is the second one in your channel: Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. It is provided as part of one of the channel’s services, which is: Meetings with Managers & Leaders. The channel’s first meeting was with Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli, the Manager of the Academic British Institute (ABI) in Sana’a, Yemen. Please note that this meeting, which was held at Dr. Omar’s office, is originally in Arabic. The English interview is a summarized version dubbed in English.

Yemeni Pharmaceutical Management - Dr. Omar Muli, Marketing & Sales Manager at Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Company, Sana'a, Yemen
Dr. Omar Mulhi

Yemeni Pharmaceutical Management – Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Industries

Shaphaco is one of the biggest companies in Yemen. It was launched in 1993, and started its operations in 1999. The company focuses primarily on quality. Its main concern is the patient. Thus, it strives to provide the best and most suitable product and medicine for patients, which makes their products highly demanded.

Yemeni Pharmaceutical Management - Meeting venue; Dr. Omar Mulhi's Office in Sana'a, Shaphaco Company
Dr. Omar’s Office at Shaphaco, Sana’a

Management, Leadership & Marketing Culture:

Management, leadership and marketing are crucial aspects for the prosperity of our society. All of us practice them everywhere, even at home. Thus, Learning & properly applying management, leadership & marketing principles and skills make us better people & more successful. This concept is smoothly in tandem & parallel with the channel’s focus and strategy, given that the channel’s motto “Manage to Prosper” emphasizes how management and leadership make people prosper & succeed in their lives, personally and professionally. As a result, the Doctor stated his strong agreement and support for the channel, given that both himself and the channel share similar perspectives regarding the importance of implementing the culture of management, leadership & marketing for all people.

Finally, our sincere thanks and appreciation for our dear guest, Dr. Omar Mulhi, for this great interview and for positive contribution towards knowledge and experience sharing, which enhances society’s growth and prosperity. Also, thank you so much for our fans and viewers for watching. Our production is every Thursday. Please subscribe with the channel in YouTube and activate the notifications bell there. Follow us, participate with us and widely share the channel via all our electronic contact details.

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