Yemen Humanitarian Organizations

Yemen Humanitarian Organizations – Application of Communication & Decision Making in Recruitment & Placement

Yemen Humanitarian Organizations are very active nowadays because of the current war conditions in Yemen. This applies to both international and local ones. In this section, we will highlight the international ones working in Yemen. In our last post and video about Organizational Behavior, we stated the case of international humanization organizations in Yemen to practically apply and compare them with the concepts of the book “Organizations – Behavior, Structure & Processes”. We have chosen two organizational processes, namely communication and decision making, and how they are practiced in recruitment and placement procedures in the international humanitarian organizations in Yemen. We discovered the apparent misapplication and problems of these organizations for the processes, compared to the best practices stated in the book.

The idea of specifying a dedicated video & post for this application came due to multiple suggestions from our viewers. They stated the importance of extracting the section that talked  about international humanitarian organizations in Yemen and putting it in a single video in order to attract more attention to it, instead of maintaining its current status in the last third (Min 09:13 to Min 12:30) of the Arabic video titled: Organizations – Behavior, Structure & Processes Book. Thus, the channel decided making a new playlist titled (Practical Highlights from the Content) in YouTube, where we extract important short excerpts from our videos, as per fans’ preferences, and put them in single independent videos in both Arabic & English. The start will be from this excerpt (3 Mins & 27 Seconds) taken from the last Arabic video as explained before.

Highlighting international humanitarian organizations in Yemen came after the actual full Arabic video discussed a practical American example mentioned in the book about (Sandra), who was an MBA graduate that happily accepted a job offer in marketing once she graduated. However, she left after less than a year because she was frustrated from the difference between the job’s tasks stated in the job offer and the practical tasks that she actually did at work. This highlights problems in behavioral processes in communication & decision-making, including ethics. We will look below at these two processes (along with ethics) in the case discussed in the book (Sandra) and then how they are applied and practiced in international humanitarian organizations in Yemen.

Yemen Humanitarian Organizations - A practical case in Organizational Behavior Book, that is later compared to our organizations.
Practical Case from the Book – Behavioral Processes

Yemen Humanitarian Organizations – Communication :

 In Sandra’s case, there was inconsistency between the external communication (out-bound) from the organization to Sandra (job offer details) and the communication within the organization (Sandra’s actual tasks). Applying this to the Yemeni case, there is actually fake communication because the out-bound communication from organizations to applicants, presented in the announced job offerings, is totally contradictory to the internal communication within the company by reserving jobs in-advance to specific people inside or outside the organization.

Yemen Humanitarian Organizations – Decision Making & Ethics :

In Sandra’s case, there was also decision-making inconsistency between the marketing department, which needed the job, and the HR department, which made recruitment arrangements, including job profile preparation and announcement. Both departments didn’t take optimal decisions to ensure that their goals were aligned with each other and to the organization’s in general. Besides, giving falsified job details in the offer was totally unethical from the organization’s side.

Applying this to the Yemeni case, we can see that decision-making in jobs’ needs from various departments and the recruitment processes from HR department are not in tandem because neither of them ensure that there is actual need for the job, and that the job gets occupied by the best possible candidates. Besides, announcing for a job while deliberately reserving it for a specific purpose is totally unethical and unacceptable.

Yemen Humanitarian Organizations - A screenshot from YemenHR website, where many jobs are advertised, but in reality, the majority of them are not open for fair competition.
Screenshot from YemenHR Website

   Final Advice:

We strongly advise international humanitarian organizations in Yemen to look closely into these issues and work hard to overcome them. Such malpractices negatively affect both the society and the organizations because they prevent themselves from recruiting and placing the best qualified candidates who diligently and skillfully work towards achieving their goals and attaining competitive advantage. Also, we strongly encourage all people concerned and interested with such issues to raise the society’s awareness towards them and work for practical attainable solutions for them.

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