Yemeni Female Entrepreneurship

Yemeni Female Entrepreneurship – Miss Hawazen Khaled, Founder, Owner & Manager of Hawazen Photography, Sana’a

Yemeni female entrepreneurship has positively developed within the last few years, despite the disastrous war conditions in Yemen since Mar 2015. Hawazen Khaled Kahtan, the founder, owner & manager of Hawazen Photography (Sana’a) is a great example for Yemeni female entrepreneurs who established their ventures during war in Yemen. We are pleased to invite her in your channel Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. She is the 1st lady that appears in the channel, and this is its first public media meeting, which is provided to you as part of Meetings with Managers & Leaders service in the channel. We have already presented two previous meetings with local managers (please click here to view them). Besides, Today’s meeting enhances and supports our last session in the channel, where we started discussing the 2nd book in the channel “Entrepreneurship 2012”, specifically the 1st step in the entrepreneurial process (Entrepreneurship Decision). Please note that we have introduced this book before in a previous video. This meeting was held at Palm Café, Sana’a, the best café in Yemen, so we are extremely thankful to them, especially Mr. Sadeq Nasher, the general manager. To access the official Facebook page of Hawazen Photography, please click here. To know more about Palm Café, please go to their website or official Facebook page.

Yemeni Female Entrepreneurship - Miss Hawazen Khalid, Owner & Manager of Hawazen Photography, Sana'a
Miss Hawazen Khaled, Founder, Owner & Manager of Hawazen Photography, Sana’a
Miss Hawazen Khaled, Founder, Owner & Manager of Hawazen Photography, Sana'a - Discussing Yemeni Female Entrepreneurship
Miss Hawazen Khaled Kahtan, a Yemeni Entrepreneur

The four characteristics of successful entrepreneurship – Application on Hawazen Photography :

We have discussed before in the previous post that successful entrepreneurs must have four characteristics. We will apply them below to Hawazen’s case, as per her statements in the interview.

-Passion for the business:

Hawazen stated that photography had been her hobby since she was young. Besides, despite her graduation from pharmaceutical college, she hadn’t ignored her hobby. On the contrary, she’d turned this strong passion to a successful business that provides real value for customers.  

-Understanding and studying the market and the product:

Hawazen realized the importance of the value of photography to customers. She noted that photographs were the only items that linked people to unforgettable memories, unlike other items or commodities like halls, stages, food … whose value ended once ceremonies finished. Thus, she focused her efforts on providing sustainable and unforgettable memories to clients by professional photography, both pictures and video.

-Perseverance despite obstacles:

Hawazen noted that she had faced multiple obstacles, including discouragement from people who hadn’t believed in her skills and abilities. However, she wasn’t disappointed by that. She continued her path with passion, perseverance & self-motivation to prove that she can walk the talk and reach her goals.

-Execution Intelligence:

In spite of Hawazen’s passion towards photography and her belief regarding its value and importance, she worked hard to execute her passion knowledgeably and professionally to turn it to feasible and successful business, using optimum management & leadership teachniques. First, her planning considered utilizing her starting precious capital that she got from her father (professional camera as graduation gift), then building on that by improving herself, asking professionals, joining courses, learning new skills etc. Then she continued organizing her business, services and techniques by gradual expansion and transition from solo-work to team and group work, providing more enhanced and customized services and packages, combined with maintaining appropriate leadership & monitoring techniques.

 Yemeni Female Entrepreneurship – Obstacles & Challenges :

Being a Yemeni female entrepreneur who launched her business during war conditions, Hawazen briefly explained the challenges that face Yemeni ladies that restrict their ability to be actively engaged in entrepreneurship. She stated that the negative societal & cultural conception towards women was the primary reason. Thus, she strongly emphasized the importance of Yemeni women in building the society, which doesn’t contradict with their household duties. Furthermore, she called for a positive change in the society’s attitude towards women, and strongly encouraged Yemeni ladies to believe in themselves and their abilities in business, entrepreneurship and society’s prosperity. These statements go in tandem with our discussion about diversity, its importance and application in a previous post (Basics of Management), as part of discussing our previous 1st book (Management 2015).

Finally, Hawazen expressed her thanks for the channel, given that she was the first girl to appear at it. She also stated her support for the channel’s initiatives in supporting hobbies and innovation, which lead to the prosperity of our society and nation. Thus, we are also happy and thankful to invite and meet her and learn from her business “Hawazen Photography”. Besides, we are thankful to Palm Cafe’ for their hospitality, especially Mr. Sadeq Nasher, the general manager. Also, thanks to Tushreen Studios in Sana’a for shooting and production for this meeting and our previous two meetings with managers.

That was our session for today. Next session, we will continue discussing Entrepreneurship Book (2012), specifically the 2nd step in the entrepreneurial process. Thank you so much for watching and following us.  Watch and follow us each Thursday on your channel Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. Subscribe to the channel in YouTube and activate the notifications bell there. Follow us, participate with us and share the channel via all our electronic contact platforms.  

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