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No Handshaking; It’s Corona Culture . It’s not only handshaking, Corona Culture consists of many other aspects such as lock down, social distancing, sterilization etc. However, does everybody follow this new culture smoothly? Is it easy to change our habits & culture quite fast to obtain a new emergent (Corona Culture)? We highlight these issues within our discussion of the 3rd book (Organizational Theory, Design & Change, 2013) in your channel “Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper”. In our previous sessions, we have already introduced the book and finished part 1 of it (organizations & their environments) where we highlighted 5 organizational & managerial aspects of Corona. We also started part 2 last session, where we highlighted the 1st pillar of organizational design (Organizational Structure) and discussed how the structure of the World Health Organization (WHO) helped it to become responsive in its battle against Corona Virus. This session we finish this part by highlighting the 2nd pillar of organizational design, which is Organizational Culture (Chapter 7, Part 2). Actually, two chapters will remain in this part (8 & 9). However, we won’t take them now because their topics will be discussed in our future books within our international English managerial & leadership books’ service. To download the associated presentation PDF with this video, kindly go to the video at YouTube and click on the appropriate link in the description section below the video.

Corona Culture will be discussed within the Organizational culture chapter in our book: Organizational Theory.
Organizational Theory (2013) Book – Part 2, Chapters 7, 8 & 9
Source: Jones, G. R. (2013). Organizational Theory, Design & Change. (7th edn). U.S.A: Pearson. Chapter 1, Pp 21

These two chapters won't be taken because their topics will be discussed in our future books.
Non Taken Chapters – No. 8 & 9

Corona Culture & Organizational Culture :

Corona Culture imposes many aspects. However, it’s completely difficult to adopt this new culture because it’s a matter of changing deeply rooted values and norms that have been reflected into behavior. Thus, when talking about organizations, they do also have cultures called “Organizational Culture”. It is the way at which the organizations behave and deal in & out of it & within their environments depending on their beliefs and values that have been built throughout long years. The book states that there are two types of values for each organization, which are Terminal Values & Instrumental Values (2nd below picture). Besides, the book notes that organizational culture has four sources or dimensions, which are property rights system, organizational structure (discussed last session), organizational ethics, and characteristics of people within the organization (1st below picture).

Organizational Culture has four sources or four dimensions, as per Organizational Theory Book.
Sources / Dimensions of Organizational Culture

There are two types of values in organizational culture, which are terminal & instrumental values.
Types of Values in Organizational Culture

Applying Organizational Culture Sources/Dimensions on Corona Culture :

These sources/dimensions can be applied to Corona Culture as well. It is evident that adopting this new emergent culture is a matter of saving life. However, it’s difficult to adopt it because changing culture requires changing deeply rooted beliefs and values. However, we can see that the human’s basic need of saving life can affect all the four dimensions of organizational culture stated above and enhance adopting a new culture. Also, when applying this new culture, we have to take care of all of these dimensions collaboratively in order to help people adopt it. We have to come up with guidelines & regulations that assist people to change their socialization and working habits and help them to stay at home. For example, we have to ensure that people can get their nutritional and financial needs during stay home period, which can help them not to go outside to secure these basic needs. This issue highlights the concept of “Social Responsibility” which is the organizations’ duties towards their own society, given that these organizations work within the society, get their inputs from the society, deliver their outputs for the society, and finally get their revenues from the society. Thus, they have ethical, legal and professional responsibility to enhance the growth and development of the society. Unfortunately, not all organizations act responsibly towards the society. In fact, the book provides a continuum of four different approaches companies adopt towards the society as per the below picture.

There are four different approaches to social responsibility that can be placed in a continuum from lowest (obstructionist) to highest (Proactive)
Organizations’ Application for Social Responsibility

Organizational Culture Recognition :

It’s extremely difficult to recognize or define what organizational culture is in general or to know exactly the organizational culture of any organization because of the complicated and interrelated aspects and nature of culture. It’s almost impossible to get insights of the deeply rooted beliefs, norms and values of individuals within the organization, as well as the organization itself. One way to know about the organizational culture of any organization is to look at their mission statement, values & strategy. For example, the World Health Organization, which was our discussion topic last session due to its harsh battle against Corona Virus, states in their vision that they aim to view a world in which each individual receives the maximum possible level of health (WHO Official Website). Besides, to emphasize the importance & impact of their values, they combine them in one unit called “the WHO’s DNA”. Well, DNA is an acronym for Deoxyribonucleic Acid  which contains all the inherited genes of the human being that shape each individual and make them totally unique & especial from any other human being in the world (below picture). Despite that, it’s not enough to look only at the organization’s mission statement or values to know their culture. In fact, many organizations act in a way that is totally different to their charted values or mission. Thus, the true reflection of the values and beliefs of organizations is the way they behave and deal with others within themselves and their environments.

The WHO is the biggest promoter of Corona Culture - As an organization, they do have their own values, which they call their DNA.
WHO’s Values (Their DNA)

Finally, we would like to remind all of you to adopt Corona Culture and adhere to all the necessary precautions and measures to avoid and combat it as per the WHO and your health ministries. Besides, we should help and assist each other to comply with that. For example, we can’t implement “Stay At Home” campaign without ensuring that people have their basic needs of nutrition, food, financial resources and other required needs. Thus, all of these issues should be taken into account. As stated before, adopting Corona Culture as a transformational cultural change requires deep analysis and consideration of all the four dimensions/sources of organizational culture.

This was our session for today guys. Thank you so much for watching us. We have finished part 2 of our book by explaining organizational culture chapter, with omitting the remaining two chapters as stated on the top of this post. Please support the channel strongly so we can continue our glorious mission. Our production is every Thursday. Please subscribe to the channel at YouTube and activate the notifications bell there. Please stay with us, follow us, participate with us, and widely share the channel and all its electronic contact platforms.

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