Surpassing 1000 Subscribers

Surpassing 1000 Subscribers (1K) at our YouTube Channel ! Thank you so much for your great effort and contribution towards this milestone. After a month of launching the channel (Aug 04, 2019), we celebrated reaching 100 subscribers and starting our English Section & production. Management with Merits Channel (MANWIM) simply uses its unique approach of (simplicity, enjoyment & practicality) in assisting viewers to prosper and reach their goals via the required managerial and leadership knowledge, competencies and skills. This reflects our slogan “Manage to Prosper”. On Friday, May 30, 2020, we made a special short video to celebrate this great achievement.

Surpassing 1000 Subscribers (1K) at our YouTube Channel
Surpassing 1000 (1K) Subscribers

Surpassing 1000 Subscribers : Thanks & Appreciation

First, all thanks are to Allah for assisting & guiding us in this journey. Besides, as a the channel’s owner, manager & content creator (Abdalla A. AL-DIRBJI, Yemen), I sincerely present my warmest thanks and appreciation to my great fans & viewers, in Yemen & abroad, for both ladies & gentlemen. You made this milestone a reality. My sincere thanks and appreciation for my family for their outstanding support. Also, I’m glad to thank all my colleagues and students at Exceed Language Center in Sana’a (where I currently teach) for their support. Also, I’m so thankful for the support of my great childhood & school friends, my foreign friends and all other friends in Yemen & abroad. Also, thanks to my professors and colleagues in the Master of Business Administration program (MBA) in the Yemen Academy of Graduate Studies (YAGS) in Sana’a for their support. Finally, I’d like to thank all the participants (persons & organizations) in the channel’s content, especially in the services of Meetings with Managers & Leaders and Field Visits. My special thanks and appreciation to the Academic British Institute (ABI) in Sana’a for their great contribution and support, especially the center’s manager (Mr. Faisal Al-Dawli). Also, I’m pleased to thank Dr. Omar Mulhi (Marketing & Sales Manager, Shaphaco Pharmaceutical Company in Sana’a), Miss Hawazen Kahtan (Hawazen Photography), Miss Anhar Arramadah (Hanjamah Food), as well as Palm Cafe (Sana’a) and Tushreen Studios in Sana’a.

Our Channel’s Condition Now:

We have currently more than 100 videos (English & Arabic) in our unique services’ portfolio, which includes one primary service (Global English Management Books) and three support ones (Meetings with Managers & Leaders, Field Visits & Vlogs). In the Books’ Service, we have completed 3 books in our 1st Year Program, which were (Management 2015) the 1st Book, (Entrepreneurship 2016) the 2nd Book and (Organizational Theory, Design & Change 2013) the 3rd Book, which was concluded last session. Only one book is pending, which is the last and fourth book in the 1st Year Program (Organizations – Behavior, Structure & Processes -2012), which was introduced before in a previous session.

The Channel has four services at YouTube in both Arabic & English.
Channel’s Service at YouTube

Surpassing 1000 Subscribers & YouTube Partner Program

YouTube Partner Program (YPP) connects content creators (YouTube Channels), Advertisers and Viewers in YouTube Ecosystem. Channels participating in the program can show ads and get monetized by YouTube.

Surpassing 1000 subscribers is the 1st step to be part of YouTube Ecosystem (Creators, Viewers & Advertisers)

However, this is subject to meeting two conditions within the past 12 months in the channel. First is reaching 1000 subscribers while the second is getting minimum 4000 public watch hours (online), which means that downloading the videos and watching offline doesn’t count. Also, views that come from Google True View Ads aren’t counted (i.e. if the channel makes True View Ads by Google for its videos, and then viewers watch as a result of these views). After meeting these two requirements within the deadline, channels have to submit applications to YouTube to join the YPP, in case their countries of origin are applicable to do so. Then applications get reviewed intensively up to one month period. YouTube uses electronic and human means to verify the channel and its compliance with YouTube publishing policies, especially community guidelines & copyright policy. Once the channel gets accepted, it becomes part of the YPP, and thus can show advertisements and get monetized by YouTube.

Our Channel’s Status with YPP :

Surpassing 1000 subscribers at YouTube is the 1st condition for our channel to join the YPP and be monetized, while the 2nd condition is 4000 public watch hours, both must be in the last 12 months.
The Channel’s Status with YouTube Partner Program (YPP_

The channel’s hasn’t yet reached its annual anniversary (Aug 04, 2020), which expresses passing 12 months in the channel’s life time. We still have more than two months. Thus, in order to be accepted in YPP, we need to comply with the conditions above. With reference to subscribers, successfully surpassing 1000 subscribers denotes meeting the condition. With respect to watch hours, unfortunately the channel suffers in this side, despite our acceptable performance in terms of (views), since that we have a total of approximately 80,000 (80K) views for all videos. We have currently more than than 2500 public watch hours, so we need more than 1400 ones, before the deadline, to meet this requirement. In order to increase our public watch hours and meet the deadline, we have included full and accurate English subtitles to all our English videos. They can be activated via clicking on the CC button (Closed Caption/Subtitles) on the bottom left hand corner of YouTube videos. We have noticed that this policy has positive impact on watch hours, whether in the channel’s level in general or the individual videos in specific. Viewers who have watched the videos with subtitles had retention rate more than the ones who have watched without subtitles. It means that watching with subtitles has encouraged viewers to stay more watching our videos. For example, in the below analytical extract from this YouTube Video ( Surpassing 1000 Subscribers ), we can see that the average view time of the viewers with subtitles is two minutes and three seconds (02:03), whereas it’s only one minute and eight seconds (01:08) for viewers without subtitles, which is about half the retention time for viewers with subtitles.

English Subtitles Activation – Applying on This Current Video (Surpassing 1000 Subscribers)

Adding English subtitles to our English videos increased retention rates for them, and thus the channel's watch hours.
Watch Time Hours Expressed in Retention Rate for This Current YouTube Video (Surpassing 1000 Subscribers)

Definitely, we aim to meet the condition of watch hours before the deadline (Aug 03, 2020), so that we can apply to YouTube for joining the YPP and hopefully get accepted. The channel strives to strictly comply with all YouTube policies and guidelines. Also, the channel’s country of origin “Yemen” is an applicable country for joining the program.

Surpassing 1000 Subscribers at YouTube – What About This Website?

This Website ( is the official representation of Management with Merits (MANWIM) YouTube Channel. There is marvelous participation and reaction with our English posts. Also, there are many great readers who have subscribed to our News Letters and our RSS Feed. You can do so from pressing on the social icons that appear on the top right hand corner & footer of all pages & posts. Despite that, by comparing the number of outstanding comments & messages that we receive, I can notice that the number of subscribers at YouTube Channel doesn’t go in tandem with these great reactions, in spite of my continuous encouragement for readers & viewers to do so.

The Interaction with this website is great, especially in the English Section
Sample of the Engagement & Interaction in the English Section of the Website

Therefore, I’d like to emphasize here that our YouTube Channel and this website are complementary. In order to get maximum benefits and enjoyment, I strongly recommend using both simultaneously (watching the embedded YouTube video of each post and reading the post). To increase this harmonious integration between YouTube and this website, we have made it easy for all readers to subscribe to the channel, either by pressing the (Subscribe) button on all embedded videos, or clicking on YouTube icon within our social media icons’ set. Besides, on the right hand bar of the website, which appears on the whole site except the home page, you will find three embedded videos, which are continuously updated. The first is our latest promotional video (whether English or Arabic), the second is our latest Arabic video and the last is our latest English video. Finally, at the 1st pinned comment below each video at YouTube, we have put a link to the post/page that discusses and enhances the video’s topic.

To sustain subscribers, surpassing 1000 subscribers isn't enough. Thus, we fully integrate the website with YouTube channel to increase subscription.
Website’s Integration with YouTube & Subscription to the Website, YouTube & Social Media
Each video is linked to the website via the links shown on the 1st pinned comment below each YouTube video.
Integrating YouTube Videos & Website’s Pages/Posts

Final Thoughts:

Upon reaching our primary 1st yearly target of joining the YPP and getting monetized, we initially plan to reach minimum 5000 (5K) subscribers at YouTube, as well as increasing the quality and diversity of our productions. That was our special session & celebration guys. Thank you so much for watching and reading. Please support the channel strongly so we can continue our glorious mission. Our production is every Thursday. Please subscribe to the channel at YouTube and activate the notifications bell there. Please stay with us; Watch us; Follow us; Participate with us, and widely share the channel and all its electronic contact platforms.

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