Real Madrid Liga Victory

Real Madrid Liga Victory this season was on Thursday, Jul 16, 2020 upon winning their game against Villarreal (2-1). It was one game before the end of the tournament. Real Madrid was the only team in La Liga that won all their nine consecutive games after resumption due to COVID-19 stoppage (1st picture below). Many fans assume that the victory was solely because of Zinedine Zidane, the legendary coach of the team, who retrieved the title that was in Barcelona’s possession in the previous two seasons (2018/2019). These claims are supported by the fact that Zidane won the title during his 1st full season with the team in his 2nd coaching tenure, given that he was re-elected as a coach in the middle of the previous season, exactly in Mar 2019. Well, personally speaking, I believe that the key factors for this success were the groups’ behavior & interpersonal influence within & between Real Madrid’s groups. Thus, this session we highlight part 3 (Group’s Behavior & Interpersonal Influence in Organizations), in the 4th book (Organizations – Behavior, Structure & Processes – 2012) in your channel (Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper), as per the 2nd picture below. We have introduced this book before, and taken parts 1 (Organizational Culture & Behavior)& 2 (Individual Behavior) in it. Besides, we have covered most of the topics of part 3 in our previous sessions, especially Team Management, Power & Leadership in our 1st book (Management 2015), as shown in the last picture below. To access the associated presentation (PDF) with this video, kindly go to the video at our YouTube Channel and click on the required link in the description section below the video.

Real Madrid, La Liga & Zidane
Real Madrid Liga Victory was because of their 9 consecutive wins after resumption from COVID-19 stoppage.
Real Madrid Games After Resumption (2019/2020)
Part 3 (Group Behavior & Interpersonal Influence in Organizations), 4th Book (Organizations - Behavior, Structure & Processes 2012)
Part 3 (Group Behavior), Book 4 (Organizations – Behavior, Structure & Processes 2012)

Real Madrid Liga Victory – Various Groups

Real Madrid is a global organization, whose primary & most prominent line is (Football). Other games are also available, such as basketball. Within the (Football) Group or Line, the 1st Team is the most important & famous one. However, there are other groups as well which influence each other in this Football, such as the Academy (Castilla), U-19 & Women’s Team (1st picture below). An example of this interpersonal influence between groups is the selection of Zinedine Zidane as a coach for the 2nd time as a replacement for (Solari), the Castilla’s previous coach. In the 1st team, definitely the two most prominent groups are the coaching group, whose manager is Zidane (2nd picture below), as well as the players’ group. In the 3rd below picture, you see that there was an amazing mixture of various types and groups of players within the 1st team, including the veterans (experienced players above 30 years), such as (Ramos), new comers, such as the goalkeeper (Courtois) and youngsters, such as (Vinicius Junior). Finally, comes the head or top group in the whole organization that took the decision to re-elect Zidane as a coach (4th picture below), which is the Board of Directors’ Group, whose manager is (Florentino Perez), Real Madrid’s Manager (5th picture below). Real Madrid Liga Victory was a result of the behavior & interpersonal influence within and between all of these groups.

Definitely, Real Madrid Liga Victory was due to the efforts of 1st team, both players group & coaching group, which interacted with other groups in football as well.
Football in Real Madrid
Zidane, the manager of Real Madrid Liga Victory, is the head of the coaching group for Real Madrid 1st Team.
Coaching Group of Football 1st Team
A mixture of various groups and types of players led to Real Madrid Liga Victory
Football 1st Team Players’ Group
The crucial decision of replacing Solari with Zidane was taken in Mar 2019.
Decision to Replace Solari with Zidane
Florentino Perez is the head of Real Madrid Board of Directors
Real Madrid Board of Directors

Groups in Organizations:

Working in groups has become the norm in modern organizations. All the previously mentioned groups are formal groups in Real Madrid, which are groups that were formed as a result of managerial decisions to formally lead to achieving organizational goals and effectiveness. Another type of groups in organizations is informal groups, which are the ones formed not as part of the organizational design, but due to common interests or characteristics or friendships between group members. Possibly, players who share the same nationality within the team may form informal groups, such as Ramos, Nacho, Carvajal, Isco and other Spanish players in the 1st football team of Real Madrid (below picture).

Informal groups are present in all organizations, such as the possible informal group of Spanish players within Real Madrid 1st Team Players group.
Possible Informal Group in Real Madrid First Team Players

These formal groups are divided into command groups and task groups. Command groups are the ones who are responsible of performing the commands of their supervisor’s authority in the design, such as the 1st team players’s group and their coach (Zidane). Task groups are the ones which are assigned special tasks or projects. For example, the coach may make task groups within 1st team players to assign them various tasks that differ depending on the nature of the opponent team, such as monitoring or controlling a specific opponent attacker or dispersing the heavy concentrated opponent defense etc. All of you might have noticed how specific players (task groups) in Real Madrid are assigned the responsibility of monitoring Messi when playing against Barcelona. Finally, (Teams) in organizations are special types of task groups. As per our book, they are formed of 2-20 members and are specialized in solving problems, such as developing a new product/service/method etc. In Real Madrid setting, an example of a (Team) within Real Madrid players’ group can be the phenomenal (BBC) Team (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano), from 2015 to 2018, who formed a great (Team) that solved various problems on the pitch with respect to the opponents’ tactics and surveillance (below picture).

A good example of (teams) in organizations is the previous (BBC) team (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano) in Real Madrid because of problem solving tasks they did.
BBC Team (Benzema, Bale, Cristiano)

Cohesiveness & Other Common Features of Groups in Real Madrid Liga Victory

Real Madrid’s Group Cohesiveness

All Real Madrid groups have exhibited seven common features for groups in organizations, as per the 1st below shape/picture. Definitely, Zidane’s leadership was a decisive factor in Real Madrid liga victory, which also enhanced the groups’ cohesiveness. All the players of Real Madrid 1st team demonstrated the two aspects of cohesiveness concept, namely the commitment towards the team and the desire to stay there. Besides, Zidane insisted on the importance of each player in the team, including Gareth Bale, despite his recent behavioral problems (2nd below picture). Consequently, the players took positive role in both attack and defense. For instance, Benzema, the top scorer of 21 goals, did 27 successful clearances, which was more than 1 sixth of the ones done by Ramos, the primary defender. On the other hand, Ramos was the 2nd scorer for the team after Benzema with 11 goals (3rd below picture). Therefore, Zidane was successful in maintaining positive group’s cohesiveness without falling in the trap of (Groupthink). He didn’t stick to the same players or mentality that led him to win the phenomenal three consecutive champion’s league (2016, 2017, 2018) during his 1st coaching tenure with team. Instead, he used different groups and styles for this new victory. For your information, groupthink is a term that was coined by Janis in 1977. It denotes group’s stickiness to specific mentalities or methods in performance and decision making, without considering other possible alternatives. The last shape below shows a framework of this concept, based on Janis work, as per our book.

Real Madrid groups have exhibited 7 common features.
Seven Common Features for Groups
Zidane empahsized the importance of all players, including Bale, the most troublesome player at the team.
Zidane & Bale
Benzema & Ramos expressed great group's cohesiveness, leading towards Real Madrid Liga victory
Benzema & Ramos
Groupthink (Janis, 1977) Framework shows the meaning and application of this feature
Groupthin Framework – Janis, 1977

Final Thoughts:

Despite the widely spread belief that La Liga title was because of Zidane alone, I argue that Zidane’s leadership role was a decisive factor within the whole group’s behavior and interpersonal influence in Real Madrid. Therefore, we strongly believe that it’s not logical to attribute outstanding organizational achievements, such as La Liga Title, to individuals, no matter how influential they were. Rather, it’s the organizational behavior that should be accredited, which is not simply the cumulative behavior of individuals, but also groups’ behavior & interpersonal influence within and between groups. Last, we’d like to congratulate Real Madrid and their fans for this amazing victory.

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