Our First Annual Anniversary

Our First Annual Anniversary was on Aug 13, 2020 (About a Week Ago), given that we produced and published our first video in our YouTube Channel on Aug 13, 2019. It was our (Introductory & Promotional Video), an Arabic video with both Arabic & English subtitles. We officially started at YouTube on Aug 04, 2019. Congratulations to all of you for our first annual anniversary (the fans, viewers, subscribers etc). You are the ultimate reason for this great and amazing success. Thank you so much for your outstanding support. We are looking forward to getting more of your support and engagement in the future. Ten reasons make you enjoy and follow Management with Merits (MANWIM), which also distinguish our channel locally, regionally and globally, as per the below picture.

Our First Annual Anniversary
In our first annual anniversary, we are happy to present ten reasons that distinguish our channel
10 Reasons Make MANWIM A Unique Global Channel

Our slogan is (Manage to Prosper), so we help you to prosper and achieve your goals. That’s why we use our unique approach of (Simplicity, Attractiveness & Practicality) to provide outstanding managerial & leadership content which guides and assists you to be successful and achieve your goals. The channel relies on the most updated and authentic global English books & references. Therefore, we implement our strategy (vision, mission & values) in the form of a unique collection of services. MANWIM’s Services Portfolio consists of four services. The primary and first one is the service of Global Management English & Leadership Books, while the other three services are complementary & supportive. Their aim is to reflect the content of the book in real and practical life scenarios and contexts. These services are respectively Meetings with Managers & Leaders, Field Visits & The Vlogs. In the Books’ service, each and every book has an individual category of lessons, as well as a standalone playlist at our YouTube Channel. At the same time, all the other services have their own categories that contain their sessions, as well as individual playlists at our YouTube Channel.

Our First Annual Anniversary : Performance Summary

As of 13 Aug 2020, we had 1073 subscribers, More than 96400 views and above 4100 watch hours. Therefore, we were able to meet one of the conditions of YouTube Partner Program (YPP) to get the channel monetized, which is the 1000 subscribers condition in the past 12 months. We discussed this milestone in a full session (Surpassing 1K Subscribers).

Surpassing 1000 Subscribers Video

In terms of production, we produced and published 127 videos within our services portfolio, which was entirely driven by our strategy, mission statement & values. In our primary first service, we successfully completed four books that made out our 1st Year Program of Books. These books were respectively (Management 2015) Book, (Entrepreneurship 2016) Book, (Organizational Theory, Design & Change 2013) Book & (Organizational Behavior, Structure & Processes 2012) Book. Regarding the other three complementary services, starting with our 2nd service (Meeting with Managers & Leaders), we interviewed four amazing and successful leaders, 2 men and 2 ladies. All of them were based in Sana’a, Yemen. We learned a lot from their practical managerial, leadership & entrepreneurial experiences and savvy (1st below picture). In the 3rd service (Field Visits), we made one visit to the Academic British Institute (ABI) in Sana’a. The production was quite low due to the problems of lock down caused by Novel Corona Virus (COVID-19). In the last service (The Vlogs), we made two interesting videos about Ramadan and Social Media Security (2nd below picture).

We met four local managers, leaders & entrepreneurs in Sana'a in our 2nd service (Meetings with Managers & Leaders)
Second Service (Meetings with Managers & Leaders)
One session was made in the (Field Visits) service and two in the (Vlogs) service.
Field Visits & the Vlogs Services (3rd & 4th Ones)

Our First Annual Anniversary : Performance Evaluation

In our Monitoring & Controlling session from our 1st Book (Management 2015), we learned that performance evaluation must be based on the goals, objectives or standards via comparing them with the actual performance. We started the channel with a well-defined strategy (vision, mission, values and annual objectives). Comparing our five annual objectives with our actual performance gives the below results.

In our first annual anniversary , we present our performance evaluation,
First Annual Performance Evaluation

Positive Performance in Production Objectives (1st & 2nd):

We had great positive performance with respect to the 1st & 2nd objectives, which relate to our production. This reflects our passionate and rigorous dedication towards providing outstanding customer value. Our weekly production each Thursday has never stopped, despite the numerous problems of the current Yemeni was, as well as lack of sufficient internet connection and the various obligations of the channel’s founder, owner & content creator. Besides, we made a huge step in distinguishing our channel by including same language subtitles fully and accurately to all videos. Furthermore, the channel spent huge amounts of money in the purchasing the equipment & the website domain/hostage, producing, shooting, and doing multiple sponsored promotional campaigns via all possible platforms (YouTube, Google, Facebook & Instagram). To conclude, the channel did its best on its part to (walk the talk), provide a unique global model, and deliver/market our value locally, regionally and globally.

Negative Performance in Engagement & Loyalty Objectives (3rd, 4th & 5th):

Despite our sincerity and dedication in the production and marketing, our performance was extremely negative with respect to the engagement & loyalty (subscribers, views & watch hours). I believe a key reason was that these targets were extremely optimistic, and therefore a managerial action should be taken by changing/reducing these targets/standards in the coming year. Notwithstanding this factor, we failed to meet our most urgent and basic target for the 1st year, which was YouTube’s monetization condition of 4000 public watch hours within the past 12 months. Having successfully met the condition of 1000 subscribers about two months ago, we worked hard towards achieving the watch hours condition. As you can see in the below shape, although we had a total of more than 4100 watch hours, our public watch hours were only 3866 hours (267 hours difference). The reason is that YouTube doesn’t count watch hours gained by Google paid promotion as eligible for achieving the condition. Thus, they are not considered (public watch hours).

Although we had total 4100 watch hours in the last year, our public watch hours were 3866 only due to YouTube policy.
Watch Hours VS Public Watch Hours

Monetizing the Channel After Our First Annual Anniversary :

Passing our first annual anniversary means that we finished the maximum duration of getting the channel monetized (past 12 months), though we failed to meet the required condition of public watch hours. However, this doesn’t mean that the channel can’t be monetized at all. YouTube requires channels to meet this condition with the last 12 months, not necessarily the 1st twelve months of service. Despite that, we hoped to be able to meet this urgent and basic condition with the 1st year of our operations in order to allow enough time for YouTube to process our request and, hopefully, get it approved. The below two shapes explain the procedures.

We need more time to get the outstanding public watch hours necessary to meet YouTube's (4000 hours) condition for monetization.
Getting the Remaining Public Watch Hours
After our first annual anniversary , we need to work hard to cover the remaining public watch hours and then follow the monetization procedure.
Monetization Procedure After Meeting YouTube’s Conditions

Effect of the Channel’s (Educational) Nature & the Low Engagement Figures:

It’s true that our channel is primarily educational, but we provide a new and modern approach towards managerial & leadership education & training. We admit that entertainment content usually gets more popularity and engagement at YouTube. It is because of the perception towards YouTube as an entertainment platform, not education. Though, we argue that education is not always boring and dull. The channel interestingly mixes education with entertainment to represent (Edutainment) Model, rather than pure (Education) Model. For example, we use role plays, acting, and virtual interesting scenarios to present managerial and leadership content, such as our session about Starbucks Boycott that explained organizational behavior. Besides, we focus on the relatedness and the practicality of the topics, and successfully link them to various trendy & hot topics. For instance, we explained the concept of informal communication and the organizational (grapevine) by applying it practically to the hot and trendy problem of TikTok ban in the U.S. and other countries. In summary, Management with Merits (MANWIM)’s education is a harmonious mixture of education, entertainment, fun, reality and practicality, which aims to help you “prosper” and achieve your goals.

Lack of Sufficient Support from the Local (Yemeni) and Regional (Arab) Societies:

The entertaining perception towards YouTube is strongly rooted in the minds and behavior of Arabs in general and Yemenis in specific. For example, it’s extremely rare to find a Yemeni person searches for something useful or valuable at YouTube. To make the matter worse, plenty of Yemenis and Arabs generally even don’t know that YouTube is a platform that can be used for education and self development!. Therefore, from our experience after passing our first annual anniversary , we argue that the Arab society generally, and the Yemeni specifically, don’t appreciate the sincere and dedicated efforts of youth electronic initiatives that aim to present unique models which nurture and prosper the society, as well as reflect impressive image for their nations globally. We believe that this is the biggest reason for the low figures of engagement and customer loyalty for the channel. Unfortunately, the channel is Yemeni and publishes from Yemen, so the key for its popularity is the support gained from its local environment. We made repetitive attempts in Yemen to deliver and explain our value for individuals, especially the famous and well-known ones, companies (like Yemeni satellite channels) and the public, both in person and electronically. We strongly encouraged the public figures and the Yemeni society in general to take their ethical and societal role in enhancing society’s growth and development. However, the majority of our attempts failed. We didn’t even get a reply from most of the famous public figures or organizations/channels that we contacted.

The Channel’s Advice for the Yemeni Society in General, the Public Figures/Associations & Media in Specific:

We sincerely call the Yemeni society to pay attention to outstanding and unique initiatives that prosper the society and improve peoples’ life. It’s extremely sad to clearly notice that Yemenis pay a lot of attention and provide plenty of support for electronic contents (YouTube, Facebook, Instagram etc.) that are totally useless and nonsense. Such contents don’t even have any vision or aim to improve on people’s life or develop the society. Besides, they play negative role in representing Yemen to the globe. On the contrary, outstanding electronic content that has noble goals of developing the society don’t get sufficient attention or support from the Yemeni society. Our channel is the most clear example for that. For example, imagine that our whole website, which was initially designed in Arabic, doesn’t have even one comment in Arabic! Despite the unique global model that the channel provides, which presents impressive image for Yemen regionally and globally, our engagement & popularity figures are extremely low. Besides, we haven’t received any attention or recognition from any media channel or public/famous figures, despite our attempts to deliver our value. Such mentality and behaviors from the Yemeni society will block any current or future initiatives that aim to provide creative models and represents the nation positively. Definitely, this will have devastating effects on Yemen’s well-being and reputation regionally and globally.

The Channel’s Status in the Coming Year :

After successfully celebrating our first annual anniversary , we’ll continue our journey together in the channel, in spite of all problems and lack of sufficient support. Our 1st and most critical goal will be to cover the 4000 public watch hours condition within maximum one month. We will also perform changes to our objectives by making them more realistic. Our Services portfolio will remain the same, with the exception of reducing the load of the 1st Service, the books service. We’ll discuss three books only where each book will take 4 months. The reason is to further discuss and analyze the books, as well as provide more room for the other complementary services. We’ll start the year with introducing these three books. If you have any suggested titles or topics for the books, we’ll be more than glad to hear from you. You are always encouraged to provide your suggestions and feedback throughout the clock via all our electronic platforms. Surely we’ll work hard to improve on our content’s quality and variety. Therefore, let’s passionately proceed together in our coming 2nd year.

That was our session for today guys. Thank you so much for being with us. Please support the channel strongly so we can continue our glorious mission. Our production is every Thursday. Please subscribe to the channel at YouTube and activate the notifications bell there. Please stay with us, follow us, participate with us, and widely share the channel and all its electronic contact platforms.

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