Customers Purchasing Behavior

Customers purchasing behavior is the gold of marketers. In fact, marketers are not only interested in the customers purchasing behavior, but also their electronic and social behavior. The most precious type of gold for marketers is why you behave in this specific manner. The answer to this question guides them to have deep insights on when, where how and why customers behave in a specific manner. However, it is impossible for marketers to collect this huge amount of information about customers. The bulk of customers’ information is like a gold mine for marketers (3rd figure below). Thus, they have to focus on collecting and understanding the information that guides them to know customers insights. In specific, marketers strive to reveal the (black box) of customers, which is the answer of the (why) behavioral question (last below figure). No body exactly knows the answer of this question, even the customers themselves. This session, we start discussing (Principles of Marketing, 2018) book (1st below figure) by highlighting Part 2 (Understanding the Market Place & Consumer Value – Chapters 3 – 6). This part discusses the first step in the marketing process (2nd below figure). The book is the 1st one in the 2nd Year Books Program within the service of Global English Management & Leadership Books in your channel (Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper). We have introduced this book before and explained Part 1 of it (Defining Marketing & Marketing Process – Chapters 1&2). We also have established a dedicated category in this website for the all the book’s sessions. Besides, we have created a new independent playlist in our YouTube Channel for this books’ sessions. To download the associated presentation with this session, kindly go to YouTube Video and click on the appropriate link in the description section below the video.

Marketers Gold & Yemenis Black Box
Principles of Marketing 2018 is the 1st book for the 2nd year in the channel.
Principles of Marketing (2018) – 1st Book, 2nd Year
Customers Purchasing Behavior is the primary concern for marketers in order to achieve step 1 in the marketing process: Understand the market place and customer needs and wants.
The Marketing Process
The bulk of information about customers purchasing behavior  is like gold mine for marketers. They must dig through it to get valuable information (pure gold).
Marketers Gold Mine – The Bulk of Information
Marketers must turn customer purchasing behavior information to customers insights to know why customers behave in this manner (customers black box).
Turning Marketing Information to Customers Insights

Marketing Information to Get Customers Insights

Information is the marketers method to know customers purchasing behavior . Definitely, this task is not easy because of two reasons. First, collecting information needs a lot of effort and research. Second, there is huge amount of information about customers purchasing behavior , which includes their electronic and social behavior. Therefore, there are plenty of methods and approaches to collect, filter and analyze valuable information that leads marketers to reveal customers insights. The most prominent and collective approach is the use of marketing information system. It is a management information system that helps in solving the marketing problem of collecting, filtering and analyzing valuable customer purchasing behavior . It consists of managerial, organizational and technological dimensions. The managerial dimension is responsible for setting the strategic direction and dedication towards solving this marketing problem. The organizational dimension is the cultural, leadership and team factors responsible for setting the scene and implementing the system’s requirement. The technological dimension is the platform at which the system is designed. Finally, the marketing information system helps collect, analyze and filters valuable customer behavior information to assist marketers get customers insights.

Marketing information system has managerial, organizational and technological dimensions in order to solve the problem of collecting, filtering and analyzing customers purchasing behavior .
Applying Management Information System Framework on Marketing Information System
Marketing information system is able to collect, process and provide valuable customers behavior output (customers insights).
Key Components of Marketing Information System

The Marketing Environment

Collecting, filtering and analyzing information about the marketing environment is part of understanding customers behavior and gaining customers insights. The marketing environment consists of macro and micro environments. The macro environment is the major external environmental forces that are out of the control of the company, as per the first figure below. Micro environment consists of the special parties and forces that directly interact with the company, as per the 2nd below figure. Thus, the company can have some control over this environment.

Macro environmental forces are the external environmental areas that the company can't control.
Marketing Macro Environmental Forces
Marketing micro environment consists of the parties and forces that directly interact with the company, such as suppliers, competitors and customers.
Internal Marketing Environment – Marketing Micro Environment

Customers Purchasing Behavior Model :

Customers purchasing behavior is the black box of customers because the way humans behave in general is a social phenomenon that can’t be exactly described or interpreted. There are many forces and factors that affect our purchasing behavior (1st figure below). Marketers can’t exactly know our black box or why we behave in a specific manner. However, marketers can observe the outcomes of our (black box), such as our purchasing patterns in terms of what, when, where, how and why we purchase specific things. The 2nd below figure shows a model that explains customers purchasing behavior.

No body can interpret customers purchasing behavior because there are plenty of factors that influence buyers
Factors Influencing Customers Purchase Behavior
Customers purchasing behavior model consists of the environment (which affects the buyer's black box), and the (black box), which can be observed via the (buyers responses), the final component.
Customers Purchasing Behavior Model

Buyer’s Decision Process

Taking the decision to buy a specific product or service goes through a long process. This buying process is part of the customers’ black box, as explained in the above model. The below figure shows this process and its five steps.

Buyers decision process is part of the customers behavior model. Taking the decision to purchase a product or service is part of this process
Buyers Decision Process

Yemenis Black Box : Applying the Concept of Customers Purchasing Behavior

Yemeni people tend to enjoy and entertain themselves in their special way. In order to satisfy their needs of entertainment and enjoyment, they seek different methods for that, including electronic and social methods. YouTube is one of the primary platforms that Yemenis use for entertainment. However, Yemenis entertainment (Wants) should reflect their personalities, characteristics and preferences. The below exclusive figure for Management with Merits Channel shows three dimensions for electronic online content entertainment that represents Yemenis wants.

Three dimensions represent Yemenis preferred online entertainment content.
Three Dimensions of Yemenis’ Enjoyment & Entertainment Wants

Mustafa Al-Mumari, A Famous Yemeni Entertainment & Comedy YouTuber

Mustafa Al-Mumari is a famous Yemeni comedy and entertainment YouTuber.
Mustafa Al-Mumari, A Famous Yemeni YouTuber

Last Friday (Nov 06, 2020), huge crowds of Yemenis gathered for the wedding of Mustafa Al-Mumari, a famous Yemeni entertainment & comedy YouTuber, in Sana’a, Yemen. People were amazed with respect to such massive crowd. Thus, a crucial question was raised: Why do Yemenis watch and engage in Al-Mumari’s content and became very loyal to him? From a marketing perspective, it can be attributed to the (black box) of Yemenis audience. Al-Mumari’s content and style perfectly match the special (wants) of Yemenis online content entertainment, including all the above stated three dimensions (verbal, aesthetic and emotional/psychological).

Mustafa Al-Mumari style and videos (verbal, aesthetic and emotional/psychological dimensions) widely represents the common local Yemeni society
Mustafa Al-Mumari’s style and videos widely represent the common local Yemeni society
  1. Verbal Dimension: Al-Mumari consistently uses Yemeni accent, especially the local Sana’a accent (his home town). Besides, his loud tone and pitch represent the major local Yemeni speech style. Finally, he uses extremely local Yemeni vocabulary, which sometimes includes widely-common slang and vulgar words and expressions.
  2. Aesthetic Dimension: Al-Mumari’s look, dressing, hair style and posturing are typical to the common Yemeni aesthetic. One of the most prominent features of that is chewing qat in all of his videos.
  3. Emotional & Psychological Dimension: Al-Mumari’s character and style represent the simplicity of the majority of Yemeni people, especially in the north area (where his home town is). In addition, he is deeply engaged in the local Yemenis norms, society and culture. He is truly loyal to Yemeni and Yemenis only. Besides, he is locally independent. He doesn’t have any local affiliation to any sect or party or group.
Al-Mumari's Loyalty for & Engagement in the Local Yemeni Society
Al-Mumari’s Loyalty for & Engagement in the Local Yemeni Society

Yemenis looked for online entertainment content to fulfill their entertainment and enjoyment needs. However, they made sure that such content was tailored to their wants (above three dimensions). Yemenis searched for such localized entertaining content. They found and tried various YouTube videos and channels, including Al-Momari’s videos and content.

There are several varieties of Yemeni entertainment YouTube content, including Mustafa Al-Mumari.
Yemenis’ Online Content Entertainment Search at YouTube

Having compared and evaluated these alternatives, Yemenis preferred Al-Momari’s content because it was the mostly tailored choice for their characteristics and preferences. Thus, they took the decision to watch it repetitively. This experience made Yemenis fully confident and satisfied that Al-Momari and his content were the best representatives of their preferences and characteristics.

Yemenis Customers Purchasing (Watching) Behavior for Mustafa Al-Mumari's content proves that Al-Mumari's content and style are the best representation of Yemeni's preferences and style.
Yemenis Decision to Watch and Engage in Al-Mumari’s Channel & Content

The final resultant are Yemenis (post purchase/watching) behavior of Al-Mumari’s content. Yemenis became deeply engaged in the content,  strongly loyal to the creator and positively supportive and proactive for his personality, style and content. That’s why huge crowds of Yemenis came to celebrate Al-Mumari’s wedding and promoted it widely online and offline.

The huge crowds of Yemenis in Al-Mumari's wedding prove their loyalty towards him and his content.
A Scene from Al-Mumari’s Wedding

Customers Purchasing Behavior : End of Session

This session explained customers purchasing behavior and how marketers strive to reach customers insights. The information collected about customers behavior is the marketers gold, which leads them to reveal the secrets of customers (black box). The prominent task is to know why customers behave in this manner. The recent massive Yemeni crowd at Al-Mumari’s wedding raised the question: (Why Yemenis watch and engage in his content?). This is the Yemenis online audience black box. To reveal this box and solve it, Management with Merits Channel created the three dimensional online Yemeni entertainment model. The verbal, aesthetic and emotional aspects of Al-Mumari’s content truly represented the wants, characteristics and preferences of Yemenis. Therefore, Al-Mumari has become a Yemeni public figure and one of the most famous Yemeni YouTubers.

Management with Merits (MANWIM) Channel would like to congratulate Mustafa Al-Momari for his wedding and outstanding success and popularity as YouTube content creator in the Yemeni society. On the other hand, notwithstanding the channel’s culture, beliefs and core values, MANWIM fully respects the characteristics and preferences of the Yemeni YouTube society and audience. At last, the channel emphasizes that our discussion of Yemeni’s characteristics in this session is not inclusive for each and every Yemeni person. However, the discussion depicts the majority of Yemenis characteristics and preferences.

That was our session for today, guys. Thank you so much for being with us. Next English session, we will start with part 3 in the book (Designing a customer value-driven strategy and mix), which explains the 2nd and 3rd steps in the marketing process (i.e. marketing strategy and program).Please support the channel strongly so we can continue our glorious mission. Our production is every Thursday. Please subscribe to the channel at YouTube and activate the notifications bell there. Please stay with us, follow us, participate with us, and widely share the channel and all its electronic contact platforms.

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