Employment & Selection Journey

Employment & Selection journey passes through several stages. From the moment you press on the “Apply” button, the journey starts with the automatic prescreening. The first figure below shows the several stages of the employment & selection journey. Assessment tools, such as written tests, and job interviews are integral and important parts of the journey. Thorough understanding of this journey helps job applicants’ tailor their files to match the stages of the journey and the needs of the employers. On the other hand, understanding of the journey’s stages and implementing them well help recruiters and employers ensure transparency and law compliance, as well as choose and select the best employee who applies the correct skills and competencies to help achieve the organizational goals effectively. This session discusses employment and selection journey, which is the topic of Chapters 6 & 7 in Part 2 (Recruitment, Placement, and Talent Management) at Human Resource Management Book 2020. It is our 2nd book in the 2nd Year Books’ Program within the service of Global English Management & Leadership Books in your channel Management with Merits – Manage to Prosper. Next English session, we will start Part 3 (Training and Developing Employees). To download the associated presentation (PDF) and access the related sessions, kindly go to the video at our YouTube Channel and click on the appropriate link in the description section below the video.

Employment and Selection Journey
Employment & Selection Journey passes through several stages.
Employment & Selection Journey

Employment and Selection Journey : Predefined Ratings

Employment and selection journey is totally based on the job profile because it lists all the job’s details, such as job’s tasks, duties, competencies, and requirements. To evaluate and rate employees within all the journey’s stages, companies usually use pre-defined rating levels that contain numerical and textual descriptions of each level or stage, such as the one in the below figure. This system is used to rate applicants in general, as well as each and every job requirement, skill, competency or so forth for these applicants. In addition, HR departments usually use such rating systems as the basis for assessment and evaluation. Thus, HR departments add their own specific notes about the candidates level and demonstration during the process.

Such predefined rating levels are used to assess employees during the employment & selection journey.
Predefined Levels for Employees Ratings

The Journey’s Stages :

After the automatic prescreening process, applicants profiles are checked in terms of compliance with basic job requirements, namely education, experience, and language. Satisfactory and outstanding applicants are included in the long list. Next, these long-listed applicants are checked in terms of the preferential job requirements. Satisfactory and outstanding applicants are included in the short list. Before going through further assessment, HR departments may make informal unstructured interviews with the short-listed applicants to get an idea about their personalities and communication skills. These conversations are mostly done by phone. Applicants who seem suitable for the job and the organization are scheduled to take one or more assessment tools, such as written tests, presentations, or so forth, as per the first figure below. The second figure below gives some instructions about the assessment criteria for written tests. Applicants who pass all the assessment tests are interviewed formally via a structured interview that is mostly behaviorally oriented, such as the competency-based interviews that test applicants’ proficiency in the jobs’ competencies. The third figure below shows the procedure for conducting effective employment interviews for employers, and the fourth figure below shows some tips for applicants to successfully pass employment interviews. Satisfactory and outstanding applicants in the job interviews are finally compared in order to choose the best ones who shall get the job offer, which lists the job’s duties and compensation. Upon mutual acceptance of the offer, successful applicants sign a written contract with the organization and become official employees.

Some examples of assessment tools used for employment and selection, which include written tests, presentations, and so forth.
Examples of Assessment Tools
Criteria for evaluating written tests in the employment & selection journey
Criteria for Evaluating Employment Written Tests
Procedure for Effective Job Interviews for Interviewers and Employers
Effective Job Interviews
Practical tips for job interviewees to successfully pass job interviews
Tips for Job Interviewees

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